Adidas Superstar are iconic sneakers that have been worn for more than 50 years. Although originally designed for professional basketball players, they have become a symbol of the trendy streetwear style.


Beginnings related to basketball

When the Germans Adolf and Rudolf Dasslers founded the company Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik in 1924, it is doubtful that anyone expected them to make a dent in the universe. Although the two brothers parted ways in 1948, the first of them founded the Adidas brand, the second one later renamed the Ruda brand to Puma. In any case, Adidas tried to expand into the American basketball market in the early 1960s, where the Converse brand dominated at that time. And we should look for the beginnings of the Superstar shoes right there...

The model was introduced in 1969. With rubber toe cap and non-marking sole, this shoe quickly caught the attention of NCAA and NBA players, including stars like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. According to available data, more than three quarters of all NBA players were already wearing Adidas Superstar shoes in 1973. According to all of them, they were better for playing than the above-mentioned Converse shoes, which were canvas. Although, over time, the popularity of these shoes spread beyond the basketball world.

Adidas Superstar and hip hop

Adidas Superstars were already famous among basketball fans in the 1970s, but became the real ‘Superstars’ in the 1980s. American hip-hop musicians declared them their favourite shoes at that time. The cult band Run-D.M.C. especially made them famous. Its members wore Superstars during their concert tour in the USA. The band even released a song called My Adidas in 1986 and the company subsequently signed an advertising contract with them. It was the first such contract between hip-hop artists and a large corporation. 


The 90s and popular culture

The mixing of the Adidas Superstar shoes and the music scene continued in the 1990s. For example, they were worn by the members of The Beastie Boys on the cover of their album ‘Check Your Head’ (1992). Madonna also liked wearing them. In addition, they have become very popular in the skateboarding world. Skaters such as Keith Hufnagel, Mark Gonzalez or Kareem Campbell wore them at the end of the millennium. Therefore Adidas Superstar definitively became part of popular culture and were worn by many people around the world, not only the young. 

Adidas Superstar in the new millennium 

The combination of basketball, skateboarding and hip-hop fan subcultures created the streetwear fashion. Its boom occurred after 2000. Given the previous information, it’s probably unsurprising that Adidas Superstar became its typical footwear. The brand celebrated the 35th anniversary of creating these shoes by releasing 35 different models from five different series in 2005. They worked on them with such names as Missy Elliot, Disney or Roc-a-Fella.

Adidas continued to mix Superstar shoes with popular culture. For example, they worked with the popular singer Pharrell Williams in 2015. The resulting Superstar ‘Supercolour’ Collection was launched on the market in 50 different colours. These shoes continued to be popular in the 2020s, more than 50 years after their first release. Let’s focus on why these shoes are now popular around the world.


Why have Adidas Superstar been popular for over 50 years? 

The global popularity of the Adidas Superstar was fundamentally influenced by the connection with basketball, the music scene and skateboarding. However, the quality features of these shoes also had an important impact on popularity. They would hardly be so widely popular without them, even due to the price, which can amount to several thousand’ Czech crowns. Why are they so popular?

  • Characteristic features – since the beginning of its existence, Adidas Superstar has been characterised by a relatively strong sole, colour contrasts, a round toe and, of course, three stripes and the Superstar logo. 

  • High-quality materials and design – in most cases, the shoes are made of genuine leather, but they also have a stylish rubber toe cap protecting the toes and part of the foot. For this reason, these shoes are suitable for everyday wear as well as for various sporting activities.

  • Comfortable wear – individual Superstar models are developed with comfort in mind. For example, the Ortholite insole, developed by Adidas in 1997, contributes to this. It consists of a foam structure ensuring optimal cushioning and can boast almost 100% breathability. 

  • Interesting design – Adidas Superstar shoes have also been popular for decades thanks to their visual aspect, which is sought after by various sports and musical subcultures. Although, even individuals who have nothing in common with them, like these shoes. In addition, the shoes come in many different designs. 

  • Suitable for your entire family – it is not only possible for you to buy these shoes in various designs, but also in models for all family members. Therefore, the Adidas Superstar models for kids are also very popular; they can have a cute look, but have a Velcro closure instead of laces, for example. The shoes also exist in a slip-on version.