Ray-Ban is an iconic eyewear brand that dates back to the early 20th century. Let’s look at the history of these products and focus on popular models, but also on how to avoid buying fake versions. 


A brief look at the history of Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban is a sunglasses and glasses brand from the USA. It was founded by Bausch&Lomb in 1937. It became popular in the 1950s and 1960s thanks to the films with ‘rebel’ James Dean, ‘beautiful’ Audrey Hepburn, who wore a Wayfarer model in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961), or thanks to Peter Fonda, who wore Olympian I and II models in Easy Rider (1969), which is still a cult classic today.

Ray-Ban eyewear was the most popular in the 1980s, this was largely thanks to Top Gun (1986), where the Aviator style shot to fame. However, their popularity began to decrease again with time. Although Matrix (1999) changed that at the turn of the millennium, Bausch&Lomb sold the brand in the year of this film’s premiere to Italian company Luxottica, who still own it today and most likely don’t regret the purchase.

About Ray-Ban glasses

Ray-Ban glasses achieved their iconic status for many reasons, not only because of their connection to cult classics. Why are this brand’s products so popular? 

  • Timeless, interesting design – popular models such as the Wayfarer are visually interesting and timeless. After all, this model has been popular for over 70 years; several generations have enjoyed wearing them! But there are even older popular models (see below).

  • A varied range of colours and shapes – while Wayfarer models mainly have black frames, other Ray-Ban glasses have different colour versions. Individual products may also differ in the glass colour, so they’re suitable for a variety of activities. The shapes are also different; these glasses are suitable for all types of faces from oval, round, as well as square and triangular.

  • Various frame types  – solid frames on Ray-Ban glasses can be full-frame, as well as half-frame or rimless models. What matters is which option you prefer for glasses or sunglasses. 

  • The glasses can be fully customised – on the manufacturer’s website, you have the opportunity to fully customise glasses to your specific requirements. For example, it is possible to choose between specific frames, lenses or engraving. 

  • Models for all – there are unisex models, but also glasses for men or women. Furthermore, Ray-Ban also offer a varied range of glasses for boys and girls.  

  • High-quality materials – Ray-Ban glasses are made from high-quality metal, durable plastic or carbon. Although they are by no means the cheapest products in this market segment, they can last an extremely long time without damage. 

Popular Ray-Ban models

Ray-Ban glasses come in various models, some of which are exceedingly popular, practically globally. This statement is especially true in relation to sunglasses. Which model series are currently the most popular?

  • Ray-Ban Aviator – this brand’s first model was originally designed for American pilots. After all, the individual variants are called ‘aviators’ to this day. They have become iconic glasses that have been stylish for over 80 years and their popularity remains unchanged today. 

  • Ray-Ban Wayfarer – the first Wayfarers were introduced in 1952 and were created by Raymond Stegeman. They have a typical shape, high-quality and durable plastic frames and are popular for their retro style that captures attention at first glance. 

  • Ray-Ban Erika – another timeless type of retro glasses, with new models appearing constantly. Despite the name, they come in male, female and unisex versions, but there are also models suitable for your offspring of both genders.

Note: Smart glasses called Ray-Ban Stories were created in 2021 and developed together with Facebook Reality Labs. They feature Bluetooth headphones or a built-in camera, therefore discussions have taken place regarding privacy problems and the possibility of abuse.


Iconic Ray-Ban Aviator


Ray-Ban Wayfarer


Ray-Ban Erika glasses are also suitable for children 

Beware of fake versions!

Ray-Ban, like other iconic brands, has had problems with fakes over the long term, these are often sold on fraudulent websites. You can recognise them by the fact that they offer unrealistically low prices. So be careful when buying Ray-Ban glasses and be sure not to buy them for a suspicious price on suspicious-looking websites. On the contrary, you should only buy from verified traders. 

Due to the fraud situation, Luxottica introduced the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy in 2016. Although the minimum price of each model is not stated anywhere, Ray-Ban glasses ads with extreme discounts are prohibited. When buying these products, remember that even the cheapest models cost over 1,000 CZK, but prices are usually much higher. Conversely, when buying at unusually low prices, you risk buying counterfeit goods.